Zumba (2)

Zumba Intro: The Zumba Intro class is great for people who are a little less confident with dance terms and choreography. This is more of a training for the class than a fitness class itself. In this class, we teach proper technique and positioning, terminology and how to interpret that, and the most common class structures. Taking this class first may improve your experience in the other classes so you can focus on your mental and physical health rather than memorizing moves and interpreting dance terms.  

Zumba Special: If you have special fitness needs, like you have a funny hip and you’re not sure how to exercise without hurting it, or you are attending physical rehabilitation after an injury and you want to supplement that with a dance fitness class, etc. Whatever the case may be, if you have special needs but still want to explore our dance fitness options, take a Zumba Special class when beginning and we’ll incorporate replacements for common moves, ideas for your own dance, and guidance as to how you can stay fit but respecting your body’s healing timeline.  

Zumba Gold: Zumba Gold is perfect for older folks looking to be fit. The moves are broken down more, the cardio is more manageable, and corrections/replacements are offered throughout. As we age, our capacities for movement change and we want to help you respect those changes. 

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