What People Are Saying.....



"Thank you for an incredible week at your nationals! This week was such a blessing- I loved dancing with such talented and wonderful people, as well as being taught by many amazing choreographers. Your competition is so special as it really unites all the teams together, and competing becomes only a small part of the huge, and magnificent experience your nationals week offers. I've been so inspired this past week and I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this experience! Thank you so much!"



"I want to express my sincere gratitude to you (as a parent)! I also wanted to pass along some positive feedback from parents. I overheard parents discussing what a great environment you have at CRU while in the ladies restroom. I feel like you have created a miracle in the dance world and I just thought you should know!!! You are the heart and soul Cathy Roe!!! "



"Thank you for a WONDERFUL week of fun, friendship and dance. Our kiddos had a great time, learned so much and made so many new friendships with other kiddos from across the country. This experience was beyond what we expected and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was truly an awesome week!!



It's always a pleasure seeing you and attending CRU Dance. There truly isn't another dance competition out there that's as friendly, professional, organized, and unique as yours! You truly are special!"



"My studio  recently attended the Cathy Roe dance competition at Rio Rancho HS and I just wanted to say how much we truly enjoyed the experience!  Everyone involved was so friendly and helpful, and the talent was beautiful!   I was so impressed with the amount of knowledge the judges had for all different styles of dance, which was proven through the feedback we received. Which by the way, has been very beneficial to us!


So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for a fantastic, friendly, and professional competition! "



"Thank you so much for such a wonderful competition as always!!!  We had a great time, your staff was wonderful and the judges comments were very descriptive and clear. We missed you though.




"Thank you for another bright and fun competition!  Don't know how you do such an excellent job year after year!  It makes us so proud to participate in your event.  The levels of technical dance and creativity of the teachers/choreographers is just amazing! The smooth layout of the event and the positive attitude of everyone on your staff makes the weekend a wonderful experience for one and all!  We had several former

dancers who are now in college in Albuquerque and even two who are graduates from college drop in to join the fun.  So, you remain important to those dancers who have grown up!  Everyone loves your Ultimate Dance!"

Becky and Judy-Albuquerque


"....we stress that we measure our success not by our placements and awards but by who we touch with our dancing. Thank you for creating a place where we can share our messages. I appreciate all that you do and what you promote. Thank you for providing a competition experience for my kids that is so much more than trophies and plaques. Thank you for the opportunities you give, what you do and who you are!"



" This will be our 7th year performing at Cathy Roe and every year the staff have been so very helpful and the competition is always ran with such grace and organization.  Thank you immensely for being such a standout competition amongst many that don't seem to care about their patrons even half as much."



"Our dancers, staff and I absolutely LOVE  going to your competition!  It sends the right message...the judges comments are always helpful & we can put them to good use when we come home from your competition....it's extremely organized....your staff is so nice & friendly....AND YOU FOCUS ON TECHNIQUE NOT TRICKS!!!"




"Thank you for making my girl's last competition turn into something she will remember forever. In 12 years of competing, with 9 of those years of doing solos, she has never received a judges award, until last night and for something she created. He truly made her night speaking of her talent. It was wonderful to him speak of her and then later to her about what she can do with dance. He may not realized it ,but that Judges Choice Award means the world to her and I have to say thank you again. There is a reason our studio attends every year, because your philosophy is the same as ours---Dance is an art form."

An Extremely Proud Parent-Mesa


"Just to let you know I just had a meeting with my parents and gave them two competitions to choose from, one of them being you, and they, without question and unanimously said "Cathy Roe".  Even though it is much further away for us than the others, it is so well worth the extra miles!!!

Just thought you should know. You allow us to "Dance to Express" not "Dance to Impress. "

Danella - Orlando, FL


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the incredible weekend I had at your competition. You create such a positive, encouraging environment for us dancers, I look forward to your competition all season.  Have been to many, many competitions, and the atmosphere at CRU Dance is like none other. Thanks for making each and every dancer a winner. Our studio truly enjoys coming to your competition every year! "

McKenna - Minneapolis, MN



"I just wanted to thank you for such a positive experience at your competition in Michigan on Saturday. It being our first comp, the dancers and their families didn't know what to expect and were very nervous. We all walked out of there happy, excited, and motivated for next year! I ~~LOVE~~ how you emphasize the ART of dance, and encourage proper technique. It was good for my dancers and their parents to hear you speak about dance in an academic fashion. "

Aimee -New Baltimore, MI


"... I am always very discouraged when I go to competitions and watch what others now consider to be dance and as there is a time and place for everything, I believe that technique and artistry should come first and foremost.  And then we found you!!!!!  Wow!!  Thank you so very much to you and all your judges for actually 'getting' us!!!  It is so hard to run this company and not feel the pressure to 'sell out' to what is becoming the norm for dance studios everywhere.  It was so very nice to be accepted and appreciated by you all and to be in such a professional, respectable atmosphere. "

Deena -New Baltimore, MI



"We just attended your competition in Indianapolis & it was AMAZING!  A BIG thank you to Cathy Roe & her staff!  It is so wonderfully refreshing as a parent to attend an actual dance competition that judges the true dance technique & not the inappropriate costumes & choreography that's out there. These are still children & should not be made grow up too quickly just to keep up with a media standard, when all they want to do is dance. Keep up the Good Work!  See you next year!"


Kelly - Indianapolis, IN



"I have never seen anyone embrace the entire competition day the way that you do... you embraced the dancers, the teachers and the audience. Your judges critiques were not only technically helpful... they were inspiring for the students. May you always find the dance world paying forward to you.... all that you so beautifully provide."

Poppy -Akron, Ohio



"Thank you for a wonderful and rewarding weekend. The kids had a great time, your competition is organized, timely, and extremely fun. The judges critiques are great, and you (in person) are as wonderful as your videos!"

Jeanette - Cortland, Ohio



"We recently attended your Albuquerque competition. I have so much to thank you for from our experience there. First, thank you for your consistent first class organization. We know we can depend on a fun, healthy experience for our kids with fair adjudication and friendly staff. I have to add that our kids had a great time backstage as well."

Judy - Albuquerque, New Mexico



"Again, your competition is so much more than just another "competition" As always it was a pleasure seeing you all again. Can't wait for next year!!"

April - Detroit, Michigan



"Cathy, you and your crew made my daughter's first competition so memorable. Thank you for your joyful support of all the AMAZING Albuquerque competitors!"

Carrie - Albuquerque, NM



"We LOVE that you focus on choreography and not tricks, we LOVE that you honor clean technique and not booty shaking, we LOVE that you challenge the dance world to 'dare to be different', and our dance families LOVE how organized and professionally your events have always been ran."

Karin and Alexandra - Denver, Colorado



"This was my daughter's 1st year at this competition and it was a very positive experience!! Thank you for all the time you and your judges took in scoring all the dances and giving great feedback."

Jennifer - City Unknown



"We enjoy your competition every year! Thank you for taking the time to recognize things that you liked from the dancers to the choreography. Most competitions just give you an award and don't take the extra time to recognize things. Thank you for being different! We look forward to attending your Nationals! Clermont Academy Of Dance loves Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance!"

Tracy - Orlando, Florida



"I had a fanatic time at Nationals . I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so honored to have participated in the fashion show. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity and experience. The new friends and my protege were amazing!"

Zoe - Naperville, Illinois