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Thank you so much. She is very excited and we had a wonderful time at regionals. I have to say, we appreciate the CRU competition. Less flashy and really values art and community. In addition, you all put so much work into creating a schedule that doesn’t have dancers performing at 11:30 at night then 7:00 the next morning. So hats off to you all.  Just a reminder that it is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                                                             2017-Grand Rapids

I have been taking students to dance competitions for 17 years and Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance competition is by far the classiest and fairest I have been to. The judges are always well qualified and knowledgeable. They appreciate technique and their comments are always very helpful.                                                         2017-Albuquerque


We had a fabulous time at Mason! We are attending Nationals as well. I'm so excited! I love your Nationals! My personal highlights were that we were selected for the choreography showcase! Sadly we did not get it but we were honored to be selected!We just had a fabulous time- my parents did not have 1 negative thing to say about anything(except the drive home, lol)  Your staff was fabulous- all of them! Just loved it!!


Thank you for a wonderful weekend of dance at your Mason competition. Your staff was amazing to work with. Loved your emcees. We have never felt more welcomed. We were looking at attending another dance Nationals, but my dance family have expressed to me that they want to spend Nationals with all of you. Again, thank you for everything!



. ..to be honest I wasn't optimistic about what we would encounter at Nationals.  What a surprise it was to meet some incredible dancers and great parents!  Krissie Odegard-Geye was amazing.  Her choreography brought me to tears and she was so kind and encouraging.  On the day of awards she told her dancers that my daughter was here without a studio and one of her dancers invited her to sit with them.  If you could pass onto her how much that meant to me and to my daughter who up until this point has only encountered pettiness, jealousy and unfriendliness (she attended a summer intensive in another state that was not a great experience as far as the other dancers go) from the majority of dancers she has encountered I would appreciate it.  I hope we have the opportunity to come to Nationals again some day.

2016 - National Finals

You & your entire staff are so kind and so professional. I, from my heart, truly appreciate that. As well as the fact you acknowledge musicality, art, and creating. It means a lot to my dancers that you see what we have tried to display using those elements.                                                                                                                        2016-Grand Rapids


And Cathy, thank you for the judges.  They were fair and gave good

feedback that is helpful.  I was at a recent competition where everyone

got either a Platinum or High Gold and I asked the director "why" when

clearly some of my dancers needed to work harder to achieve "high

gold".  His reply was "to keep the parents happy and coming back."

Well, as far as I'm concerned, my kids learn nothing from that and we

won't be back!  Our kids got "Outstanding" fair and square and now

they need to get into ballet class, concentrate, work hard and try to

improve.  So again that you to all good judges!                                            2016- Medina


Thank you for another wonderful weekend!  The parents and kids are just over the moon :)  The competition ran on-time and VERY organized.                      2016- Howell


We value your organization and the opportunities that it offers our students.  Your emphasis on technique and artistry versus tricks and flash, as well as your positive approach continually set you apart from other competitions.  We hope to continue to work with you for many years to come.                                                                  2016-Howell



Thank you, Cathy Roe and staff, for really daring to be different.  Your appreciation  for the art of dance, for customer service, for preserving professional standards, for truly caring about the dancers and for providing  an exceptional staff of judges all add up to a competition experience that is unique and wonderful. Bravo!

                                                                                                                                          Sarah- Mason Finals

Just a quick note to say thank you for a great first experience at your competition this past weekend. As a new Studio owner and company, that is always nerve-wracking to attend a new competition. This was definitely a competition like no other that we've attended - what I really liked and what I thought was so prevalent the entire time, is the fact that your competition is focused on the true art of dance and really brings it back to what it used to be and should be. So many competitions nowadays are focused on the "frill and flair," and I felt like your competition's sole focus was on the artistry and technique of the dancers and choreography. This was a great experience for me as as studio owner and choreographer, as well as my dancers. This is our 3rd year so we are still pretty new :-) Thank you for recognizing the art of dance and talent of our youth as it should be. We can't wait to come back!                      Jenny-Chicago

I just had to tell you that our whole studio had such a great time at your competition in Mason this weekend!!  It was everything we've come to expect from one of your competitions and then some!!  Anita, Elliott and your whole staff were awesome, as usual -- they ran an extremely efficient schedule and made all of the kids feel special.  Our girls loved all of the backstage interaction -- it was energizing and calming all at the same time, if that makes any sense they felt appreciated and supported.  And almost every number ran in order -- very impressive!!!

                                                                                                                                 Nancy - Mason Regionals


As our last studio competition quickly approaches, I realized a long over due 'thank you' is necessary. CRU dance has always been one of our favorite competitions. The professionalism, the dance quality and staff are a credit to the dance world.



We have just finished the competition in Grand Rapids, MI. And I would like to say how much my daughter and I enjoyed it. It was a well run show and great dancers and great competition.

Kim-Grand Rapids


My daughter is 8 and loves dancing at any Cathy Roe competition! We always look so forward to a fun filled weekend with lots of dancing with great friends and all of Cathy Roes awesome staff! Thank you to all of you for making Indy so much fun for everyone of the dancers, parents and dance teachers! You guys ROCK!!!!


Hello! I have attended your competition in Minneapolis several times with a studio I used to work for in the Twin Cities.  I absolutely love the philosophy, vibe, and overall running of your competitions.



Thank you for a WONDERFUL week of fun, friendship and dance. Our kiddos had a great time, learned so much and made so many new friendships with other kiddos from across the country. This experience was beyond what we expected and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was truly an awesome week!!


I wanted to send you a quick thank you note for a wonderful week. My daughter had an awesome time in your Dance Spectacular. This being her first Nationals and Spectacular experience, she learned so much and gained confidence, and now has incredible dreams of dancing professionally some day. I'm not normally a crier, but seeing my 10 year old little girl perform with all her new friends on your stage made my heart swell with pride and there was Kleenex involved =).



Thank you for an incredible week at your nationals! This week was such a blessing- I loved dancing with such talented and wonderful people, as well as being taught by many amazing choreographers. Your competition is so special as it really unites all the teams together, and competing becomes only a small part of the huge, and magnificent experience your nationals week offers. I've been so inspired this past week and I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this experience! Thank you so much!"



"I want to express my sincere gratitude to you (as a parent)! I also wanted to pass along some positive feedback from parents. I overheard parents discussing what a great environment you have at CRU while in the ladies restroom. I feel like you have created a miracle in the dance world and I just thought you should know!!! You are the heart and soul Cathy Roe!!! "



"Thank you for a WONDERFUL week of fun, friendship and dance. Our kiddos had a great time, learned so much and made so many new friendships with other kiddos from across the country. This experience was beyond what we expected and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was truly an awesome week!!



"It's always a pleasure seeing you and attending CRU Dance. There truly isn't another dance competition out there that's as friendly, professional, organized, and unique as yours! You truly are special!"



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